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Dr.pen dermapen original manufacturer A6 derma pen needles cartridges

$32.50 $57.50 Save $25.00
50pcs per bag
50pcs per bag

1 Pin: Tattoo/Eyeliner and eyebrow

3 Pin, 5 Pin, 7 Pin: Tattoo and eyebrow

9 Pin: Repair Mole pit/Remove acne/Eliminate stretch marks/Wrinkles.

12 Pin: Repair acne pox pit/Remove acne/Eliminate stretch marks, wrinkles.

24 Pin: Whiten/Hydration/Blemish/Under-eye Bags/Crow' s feet.

36 Pin: Whitening/Hydration/Spot removing/Skin rejuvenation/5hrink pores.

42 Pin: Spot removing/Repair acne pox pit/Skin rejuvenation/Shrink pores.

Nano Needle: Painless nutition importing/Whitening skin/Spot removing/

Skin rejuvenation/Eyelashand eyebrow grow.

Nano silicone: Painless operation/Import nutients/Pit repair/Lightening skin

colorrestore skin activity/Eyelash and eyebrowgrow.

Different needle length takes a different using method:

(1) The sie of 0--0.50mm use method is: in the skin on the circle treatment.

(2) The size of 1.00-2.0mm use method is: likes the stamp roller using way

(stamp on the skin).

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